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Foundation Stage 2 - F2 (Reception)

High Oakham Early Years - Reception - Foundation Stage 2

High Oakham Primary School has 60 places for Reception aged children within our Early Years Foundation Stage Unit. Admissions to our Foundation Stage 2 are through the Local Authority. 


For more information, visit our admissions page. 


Our Early Years team is led by Mrs Walters who is part of the senior leadership team at High Oakham Primary and teaches in FS2 alongside Mrs Davies with Mrs Allsop, Mrs Barker and Mrs Wooley.


We have two classes in F2 - F2a and F2b. Each class have a base in a classroom where they gather for registration and whole class teaching but then they access the whole of the Early Years building for the duration of their day which is zoned into specific areas. These areas are designed to encourage, inspire and enhance children's learning and development through carefully placed resources and targeted support and scaffolding from the Early Years staff.  



Playing and Learning in F2 


In our Early Years building, the children can play and learn in the following areas:


Reading corner Messy creative Let's pretend!
Outdoors Finding out! Build and make
Puzzle time Snack time Funky Fingers
Music time Relax and rest Small world


Writing and Maths opportunities are available throughout all the areas and children are encouraged to transfer and apply skills and knowledge in these aspects across all of their play and learning. We feel very passionate about purposeful learning and making sense of the skills that are very important to us. Adults use careful scaffolding of play, joining in, steering, observing, reacting sensitively to enhance children's learning.The next steps of children are shared throughout the classes and provision is adapted to ensure that targeted learning can happen. Continuous provision is accessible all of the time and children can also choose from enhanced provision that focuses on specific skills, schemas or themes.

There is a fine balance of adult initiated and child led activities and staff tune into what each individual child needs taking the objectives to their play to ensure purposeful and context led learning takes place.


We support our children to be successful throughout their whole day with a relentless focus on our 'life and learning' values which stem from our school motto - 'Be true to yourself'. Our school behaviour policy has clear guidelines which staff follow in an age appropriate manner using our 'lily pads' system. Check out our Behaviour policy in the documents area of this webpage. 


Reading in F2



Getting ready for F2?



Important documents for parents and carer of F2 children