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About Green Band


The number of words increases slightly in Green Band books. Stories have a wider variety of characters and events which develop over a number of pages. Sentences may include lists of things or actions and adverbs are used frequently to begin sentences. The books begin to use capitalisation to support reading with expression. The growing complexity in the story lines is reinforced through the development of inference and prediction using visual literacy. All of the books introduce new sets of characters which are revisited throughout the level.


How to support your child reading Green level books

Your child is now developing into a more confident reader. Encourage them to select from books at the library or bookshop as well as those from school. As they read, you can help by encouraging them to:

  • Sound out quickly – and silently – inside their heads, if they need to sound out words.
  • Look at the punctuation marks. You may want to model how to read a page of writing, paying attention to punctuation, such as full-stops and question marks.
  • Tell you about what the characters in the story are doing and why they are acting in that way.
  • Show you how they can find particular things that interest them in non-fiction books.


My Green Band Reading Targets


  • I can read aloud
  • I can make simple deductions with help and prompts from my teacher
  • I can read fluently with attention to punctuation
  • I can read some of the Key Stage 1 High Frequency Words
  • I can solve new words using print detail while attending to meaning and sentence structure
  • I can track visually additional lines of print without difficulty
  • I can effectively manage a growing variety of texts
  • I can discuss the contents page in a way that indicates understanding
  • I can read two-syllable words
  • I can discuss and interpret character and plot more fully
  • I can re-read my books to build up my fluency and confidence in word reading