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About Orange Band


At Orange Band, the page count increases from 16 pages to 24 pages to challenge and encourage reading stamina. There is an increased use of dialogue to encourage reading with expression. Orange Band books introduce some complex sentences (use of ‘if’, ‘so’ and ‘because’) and include italics to show emphasis. Children are increasingly encouraged to infer meaning from the text in order to gain full enjoyment from the story.


How to support your child reading Orange Band books

Your child is now beginning to read with more independence. They should be feeling more confident and will rarely need to sound out words. You can help them by:

  • Listening to them when they read aloud. If they make mistakes, but they keep the sense of the text, don’t interrupt. You can revisit that page at the end of the session to check certain words.
  • Reminding them of useful strategies if they can’t read a word, for example:
  • Sounding the word out silently, under their breath
  • Dividing a longer word into syllables, or looking at the word without an –ing or an –ed ending
  • Don’t allow them to worry about a word. Tell them what it says and revisit the word once you have completed the book. Encouraging some use of expression, especially for character-speech in fiction books. You may wish to model reading some pages aloud for your child to copy.
  • Talking about how characters are feeling.


My Orange Band Reading Targets


  • I can read without relying on illustrations
  • I can read longer phrases and more complex sentences
  • I can read some of the Key Stage 1 High Frequency Words
  • I can attend to a range of punctuation and text layout
  • I can cross-check information from meaning and print on the run
  • I can use the contents page to find specific information
  • I am beginning to use appropriate terminology when discussing different types of texts
  • I can search for and use familiar syllables within words to read longer words
  • I can infer meaning from the text
  • I can re-read my books to build up my fluency and confidence in word reading