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About Pink Band


Pink band is the very first level of reading books which has words. The number of words increases slightly as your child progresses through the reading band sets.


How to support your child reading Pink Band books

Your child is beginning to learn to read. As they read, please help them to:

  • Read the words carefully. Ask your child to sound out (segment) and blend only the words they cannot read yet, not every word. Eventually almost all words will become part of your child’s ‘sight memory’, and they won’t have to sound out at all.
  • On second and third readings of the book, encourage them to read with more pace and with less focus on sounding out the phonemes in each word.
  • Make a story out of a whole book rather than focusing just on what is happening on each page.
  • Tell you about something that happened in the book, or about something they found out in the book.
  • Encourage them to look at the illustrations.


My Pink Band Reading Targets


  • I can recognise my own name
  • I understand that reading is made from writing
  • I understand that print conveys meaning
  • I can name some letters (capitals and lower case)
  • I can talk about stories and use pictures to support
  • I can locate the title
  • I can turn the pages appropriately
  • I understand that the left page comes before the right
  • I understand that we read print left to right
  • I can match spoken word to printed word
  • I can locate familiar words and use them to check my own reading
  • I can predict the story line and some vocabulary