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About Turquoise Band


Turquoise Band books include more descriptive verbs to replace ‘said’. There is an increased proportion of space allocated to print rather than pictures. Turquoise Band books include words chosen for appropriateness and impact rather than decodability, with more extended descriptions. Paragraphs begin to develop and more unusual and challenging vocabulary is included.


How to support your child reading Turquoise Band books

Your child is now beginning to read with more independence and their books are getting longer. You can help them by:

  • Encouraging them to read some pages silently, inside their heads.
  • Listening to some pages read aloud, encouraging the use of expression and paying attention to punctuation marks.
  • Talking about how events in the book relate to each other and helping your child to understand how the story builds up in a longer book.
  • Asking them to tell you about interesting things they found out and showing you where the information is in the book.


My Turquoise Band Reading Targets


  • I can extract meaning from the text while reading with less dependence on illustrations
  • I can approach different genres with increasing confidence
  • I can use punctuation and text layout to read with a greater range of expression and control
  • I can sustain reading through longer sentence structures and paragraphs
  • I can tackle a higher ratio of more complex words.
  • I can read the majority of the Key Stage 1 High Frequency Words.
  • I am beginning to monitor my own reading, checking and self-correcting whilst considering meaning
  • I can use indexes, glossaries, contents, subheadings and dictionaries
  • I can re-read my books to build up my fluency and confidence in word reading