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About Copper Band


These texts follow on from Lime books but provide more complex plots and longer chapters that develop reading stamina. These texts require a deeper understanding and a greater knowledge of a range of complex vocabulary. In Copper Band, we will be encouraging pupils to form opinions on the texts that they are reading and support their reasoning by referring to part of the text. They will be expected to use inference and deduction to answer complex questions about the books that they are reading, using clues within the text to support them.


How to support your child reading Copper Band books

Your child may well not want to read aloud to you anymore because they probably enjoy silent reading more. This is fine as long as your child continues to read actively and not just pass their eyes over the words. You can help them by:

  • Continuing to make a time available for regular quiet reading sessions and reading your book while your child reads.
  • Establishing an expectation of a conversation at the end of each reading session. Can they tell you what is happening in their book?
  • Ask questions that make your child go back to the book to find answers.
  • Support your child as they develop skills in skimming and scanning to find the information to answer your questions.
  • Continuing to read aloud to your child at bedtime. This shows them the importance you place on reading as well as developing their language, vocabulary and love of stories.


My Copper Band Reading Targets


  • I can read texts fluently using expression
  • I can use my phonic knowledge to decode unfamiliar, complex words quickly and accurately
  • I can read the Year 3 Common Exception Words
  • I can predict what might happen next in the story based on what has happened so far
  • I can talk about how a character is feeling based on their actions
  • I can recognise, listen to and discuss a wide range of fiction, poetry, plays, non-fiction and reference books or textbooks
  • I can use appropriate terminology when discussing texts (plot, character, setting)
  • I can ask and answer questions appropriately, including some inference questions
  • I can justify predictions using evidence from the text
  • I can retrieve and record information from texts by skimming and scanning