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PSHRE consultation

Open from14th June - until 6pm 25th June 2021


Click below for our PSHRE consultation pdf which explains why we are consulting on our PSHRE curriculum.


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Nursery Consultation - November 2019

Now closed - see feedback below 20.12.19

The Governing Body of High Oakham Primary School are wishing to consider the following proposal:

From September 2020, High Oakham Primary School are considering extending the number of children we can have in a Nursery session and also begin to offer provision for funded and non-funded 2 year olds. This provision will be located in the current Nursery rooms.

This will allow us to meet the demand for places throughout the year in the local area. At present, we can have 24 children at any one time, and we are looking to expand this number up to 52. This provision will be located in the building which is currently rented out to Tree House.

The current situation at High Oakham is that we are unable to meet the intake demands for both 15 and 30 hour entitlement for three intakes in the academic year and therefore have to turn away families.

At present, we have adequate space on our school site for us to provide high quality early years provision both indoors and outdoors for 2,3 and 4 year olds.


What impact with this change have?

This change will create more jobs in the local community through recruitment of high-quality early years staff. In terms of financial considerations, this initiative will have a positive impact on the school’s budget. It is common knowledge that school’s budgets are decreasing each year, yet provision is supposed to remain the same, if not continue to improve to meet every changing standards and expectations. The revenue generated by the addition of extra places will support the school’s budget and mean that reductions in staff or resources will not have to be considered in order to ‘fix’ the budget. It will have a slight financial impact in terms of amending the building to accommodate toilet facilities for children of this age. This will be minimal as all utilities are already in place due to toilets already being there.


In terms of on-site providers or extended schools’ provision – Tree House – this will have an impact as the building that they currently rent off High Oakham Primary School, will be used to house the new provision. Beverly Alvey, the governing body and the Head at High Oakham are committed to working together to ensure that the need for before and after school provision is met, not only met, but possibly made better by much needed extra places being provided for at High Oakham by making use of current space in school. Funding streams for these alterations are being looked into but the knowledge that both organisations are committed to a collaboration is key to the continuation of provision on site.


In terms of impact on the children – the relocation of the provision for 3 and 4 year olds means that there will be an amazing opportunity for the outside area to be developed to provide better outside play and learning opportunities using more space for enhanced physical development. These developments will consist of new willow structures (domes and arches), use of different gradients and textures, the introduction of planting and wildlife areas and extensive grass areas to access for large scale play and learning.


In terms of parents and carers – there will be more choice for families to have in relation to childcare – having siblings on the same site. More cost-effective childcare will be available as costs will be competitive and access to free funding is available.  

In terms of the local community, it may have an affect in terms of places available in the local area. This does mean however, that the local community, regardless of where the provision is located – children aged 2,3 and 4 will have greater access to high quality early years education.


In terms of extra traffic around the school – the majority of the places will belong to families already accessing the site for school use and due to the nature of the hours, these are slightly earlier or later than school hours so should allow for the extra traffic that could ensue.

In relation to building works or disruption to site users next summer – Tree House will possibly hold their holiday club at another school to ensure the safety of all and maintain the high-quality offer of extended services.


This proposal is made with the full support of the staff in the Nursery and the Governing Body. The Nursery has been operating under the school for nearly 2 years and have evaluated the provision and procedures closely. Demand for places at High Oakham Primary School is high despite a limited marketing strategy.  



How will my views be considered?

Please answer a consultation survey here.


Alternatively, please email with Nursery Consultation 2020 as the subject heading or write to:


High Oakham Primary School,

Nottingham Road,


NG18 4SH


Nursery Consultation  - November 2019

Feedback - 20.12.19


See below for the powerpoint which displays the survey results. 


To summarise, there are concerns relating to the provision at Tree House, however, there are no significant concerns relating to the expansion of the nursery hours. 

To reassure our school community again, the consultation did not mention the closure of Tree House or the reduction in numbers for Tree House. High Oakham leadership and governors are committed to the provision and have plans for improvement only, not removal. Over the last few weeks, quotes have been sought for a new building to either house the expanded nursery provision or Tree House. This building will be ECO friendly and sustainable in terms of funding and the environment. Adaptations to areas of the school which are not currently being used are also being looked at. Nottinghamshire County Council have been notified of our plans and are supporting us and self funding streams are also being looked into. As a result of this planned change, other aspects of the school will be looked at including traffic management, playing field use and facilities for use of the school outside of school hours. 


This is an exciting time for High Oakham. It is in an excellent position to become a beacon within the community. We are listening to our children to find out what their lives are like and what they need to thrive and be prepared for the modern world.


Tree House management (Bev Alvey) and Mrs Astle continue to work closely to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. The work that has been carried out in the Early Years building - heating, ceilings and drainage, will be carried out in the Tree House building over the summer holidays.


Thank you for your contribution to our consultation and if you have further concerns, please get in touch -