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To enhance our curriculum, we provide clubs that will not only support academic achievement but provide opportunities to experience and develop skills and knowledge that will stand us in good stead to becoming a responsible citizen and contributing member of the community. 


Clubs are run at High Oakham Primary School in a variety of different ways. The senior leadership team listen to the views, concerns and opinions of members of the school community and take into account reviewed research, advice and support from professionals and outside organisations, and information gleaned from monitoring and analysing pupils progress and attainment.  

Clubs are then set up and continued taking into account finances, take up numbers and impact. Issues around space and staffing also are taken into consideration. 


Currently at our school we provide the following clubs:


Intensity    Golf  Choir    Rock Band Lego 
Animal Yoga  Football Basketball Hairdressing Cheerleading


Do you have the skills and interest to support our school with a lunchtime or an after school club?


Send an email to and let us know what you have to offer and we can arrange a meeting to discuss this further, 


Please remember, the safeguarding of our children is one of our 'non-negotiables' and safeguarding checks will be carried out if you are to volunteer in our school


We may organise other clubs during the course of the year.