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What matters to us at HOPS?



There are some non-negotiables here at High Oakham Primary  - the things we do not compromise on, the things we know make a difference, the things that without - the wheels would fall off - we would not be 'true to ourselves'


At High Oakham Primary School, we expect everyone to be respectful, be reflective, cooperate, be resourceful, be brave and be resilient - these values allow us to contribute to our school and the wider community and world in a positive and meaningful way - we all play our part. 

Reading helps you grow mentally, emotionally and psychologically. Every book gives you an opportunity to learn new things and explore new ideas. Reading books increases your knowledge and makes you smarter

Knowing words is life changing -   the more words the children hear, the more words they know, the faster they recognise and process information. Reading, phonics, talking, working walls, new words, big words, important words, kind words 

Making connections, being with, talking to, reaching out, learning from -  friends, family, carers, visitors, ourselves.

How we learn, how we behave in life and online, how we grow. 

Emotional, physical - looking after our brain and our body.

The power of - 'how are you'

The power  of - 'I hear you'

The power of - 'I understand'

The power of - 'it's ok to

not be ok'

Where we came from, where we have been, who we have met, where could we go - looking after the world around us. Understanding, being aware, knowing, respecting

High Oakham - 'The Vessel'

Our Curriculum