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School camp - Year 6

An afternoon and evening full of excitement - especially the Kin ball!! 


4am and they are awake!!! 


Late night, early start - can only mean one thing .....



Castleton 2019


Update: Tuesday - 4pm We have arrived safely at Castleton YHA and everyone is settling in! Now to unpack, shower and change ready for tea! Oh, and the rain stopped just as we arrived here!

Lots of compliments from Eyam locals on the manners and attitudes of our children - great positivity and bravery from everyone despite the rain, rain and more rain!


7.30pm Tea eaten, bingo played, candles made, rooms tidied, pyjamas on and snuggled down for a cinema extravaganza 


9.30pm Lots of tired faces! Well done to our ‘Stars of the day’ for displaying our school values - Lily R, Fabian, Isabelle C, Jaedon, Harry A and  Charlie J


10.10pm Bedtime! Every single child is settled calmly in bed, so proud! Wake up call is at 7am! 


10.30pm All is quiet!



Update: Wednesday 6.30am Good morning! Some early risers today (along with the sheep), lots of smiles though, excited for our day around the hostel. Breakfast at 7.45am


12.30pm Lunch and relax time after activities this morning, great participation, particularly from the fighting celts!!! More exciting events after lunch!


4pm Following archery, roman battles, team challenges with a bit of gem panning and fossil making thrown in, we had some free time with an epic game of throw and catch and some mindful colouring and drawing! Lots of fresh air and excitement makes for a quiet night!!!! Or does it???


11pm What a great day! Everyone is fast asleep, very tired children tonight! Our stars of the day were - Evie, Jessica B, Joshua, Hannah, Mikki-Louise,Iris, Felicity and Seren - well done everyone!




Update: Thursday 27th 9.30am Everyone had a great sleep - all refreshed and raring to go. Testing our 'egg rockets' this morning before our big walk to Castleton and round the caves! No sign of rain!!!!


6.30pm Well, well, well - what a lovely surprise today - the very lovely Mrs Booth (accompanied by the equally lovely Mr Booth) came  to see us and walk with us! This made our walk into Castleton in the sunshine extra special! Both classes then went their separate ways. C10 walked up through Castleton to the caves, spent some money (gems galore), had a lovely sunny lunch overlooking a stunning view. We then had the most amazing tour guide to show us round the depths of the Treak Cliff Caverns spotting the stunning Blue John veins. Our ranger came to meet us and we headed further upwards on a staggeringly thin mountain path and then down through the broken road and across the fields and stiles through the valley into Castleton to finish off with an ice cream! C9's day began with the long walk up to the caves and did their day the opposite to C10 meeting up together for ice cream!


Straight into tea and Gem panning and fossil making! The joy of karaoke tonight (with perhaps some football viewing thrown in) Check out our photos - what an amazing time we are having! 


10pm The end of a fantastic day - rounded off with some rousing performances of Karaoke, women's football and games.Just watching all the children playing together, being together, laughing together has just been heartwarming - not a mobile device in sight, bliss! The connections they have forged and the memories they have made will be with them forever - what a fabulous experience to have!


Epic stars of the day tonight - Finley S, Finley M, Ellie, Mason, Christian, Charles, Charlie K, Mia, Billy, Libby, Olivia, Ethan W, Natasha, Archie, Leo, Dominic - well done everyone!


Tired children tonight, surely they will go straight to sleep!







Last day - update 7.30am everyone has dragged themselves out of bed for one last time! One room sprung into action and were packed and dressed by 7.20am!!!!!! Wonder who they were??


Breakfast and then rooms sorted, bags packed and everything brought downstairs to put on the bus!


Chatsworth House and then ...... we're coming home!!!