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Foundation of Reading



About Foundations of Phonics


This band includes wordless picture books that encourage young children to tell their own stories. At this level, children are beginning to discover books and are developing their speaking and listening skills.


How to support your child

Your child is beginning to learn to read and discover the excitement of books. Although these books have no words, they are an important introduction to reading. As they read, please help them to:


  • Look at the pages in order and talk about what is happening on the left hand page before the right hand page.
  • Talk about what is happening on each page, rather than just talking about what they see in each picture.
  • Tell you who or what the book is about.
  • Discuss and clarify the meaning of new vocabulary.


My Reading Targets


  • I can hold a book correctly
  • I can recognise the front and back cover
  • I can locate to the title
  • I can open the front cover
  • I can say who and what the story is about
  • I can differentiate between text and illustrations
  • I can talk about the pictures and create my own stories
  • I can turn the pages appropriately
  • I understand that the left page comes before the right
  • I can relate the story to my own experiences
  • I can retell the story in my own words