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Sharing our learning at High Oakham Primary School


As parents/carers, you are a crucial part of your child's learning journey and to fully understand their progress and development, it is very important that you know what they are learning. You can find out more about our curriculum and it's intent and content on our curriculum page on our website. 


We are very proud of the learning that takes place in school and being able to celebrate this is key. 'Showing off' our learning emphasises to the child that they matter, they are valued and their efforts are recognised and it demonstrates our ethos as a school commmunity, what we are about, what drives us and what is at the centre of everything that we do - the child.


Work is displayed throughout school, samples are placed on our website and linked social media accounts and we also use ClassDojo to share content, messages, plans, events and information with you. 

The way in which we use ClassDojo at High Oakam is very simple. Our children can gain 'points' as they display our school values and this is always used in a positive way, points are never deducted. Parents/carers receive a code which gives them access to their child's class story. This is where information can be shared relating to events, class work, activities and school updates. Photos of children are not accompanied by names and if work is displayed, then only a first name will be present if at all. Protecting Data can be a minefield, so every precaution is taken to ensure it's safety.


Upon completion of consent letters, a guidance document outlining expectations around the use of the app will be shared with parents/carers  which we expect them to adhere to.


Please remember, consent can be withdrawn or amended at any time - come in and speak to your child's class teacher. 


Click here to visit ClassDojo's privacy center and here to specifically read their privacy policy. 


Here are a few words from the founders of ClassDojo ...


A note from ClassDojo's founders

In ClassDojo’s first week, we were really excited to see 80 teachers use ClassDojo in their classrooms (you know who you are!). Today, we're humbled to see how this little community has grown to millions more in over 180 countries. Teachers, parents, and students everywhere use ClassDojo to build stronger relationships with each other. This is the heart of our mission.

Of course, these relationships require trust. That's why every ClassDojo product is designed to protect your privacy and security, and give you control over your information. This is fundamental to our mission, and our business. Here are our promises to you:

  • We don’t share any of your information or students’ information with advertisers or marketers.
  • We don’t own anything you add to ClassDojo: you do.
  • Students’ portfolios are private to the classroom.
  • We use the latest security best practices to protect you at all times.
  • We are compliant with COPPA, FERPA, and GDPR in Europe.
  • We will notify you if we make any changes to our practices.


We’re honored that tens of millions of you trust ClassDojo to be a part of your lives every day. Your trust means everything to us. We promise we'll always work as hard as we can to earn and keep it.


- Sam and Liam