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About Lime Band


Lime Band books include a widening range of writing styles and an increased variation in sentence structure, including –ing clauses and longer sentences with more than two clauses. Children reading at Lime level are able to interpret more sophisticated word plays and puns. The narrator’s voice in a fiction story may be distinguished from the characters’ voice through figurative, idiomatic and literary language. The story is often told through dialogue and action to ‘show’ instead of ‘tell’ as the plot develops.


How to support your child reading Lime level books

Although your child is now taking off as a reader, it is still important that you read with them and talk to them about their reading. This reassures them that their reading is still important to you, as well as giving you an opportunity to share an enjoyment of books. You can still help them by:

  • Asking them to read aloud some parts of the text which they particularly enjoy. This may include action or description. Talk about how the writer made those parts so enjoyable.
  • Talking about how characters develop or how they react to different people, places or events.
  • Reading the book yourself so that you can talk together about the smaller details of the book.

My Lime Band Reading Targets


  • I can recognise a range of text types and predict general content, returning easily to longer books after a break
  • I can recognise the main differences between fiction and nonfiction
  • I can read a range of texts fluently using expression
  • I can recognise the full range of consonant digraphs when attempting to decode complex, unfamiliar words
  • I can read silently, adjusting my speed to suit material and monitoring the meaning
  • I am beginning to understand the purpose of a paragraph
  • I can make use of the blurb, subheadings, glossaries, indexes and procedural texts to locate information quickly and accurately
  • I can express reasoned opinions about what is read and compare texts
  • I can sustain meaning over many phrases for comprehension due to complex sentences