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Alongside our school ‘learning and life’ values and motto at High Oakham Primary School, our Governing body commit to the following vision:

We believe that education is more than just knowledge. We want our children to be well behaved, to co-operate and share, respect differences, be safe, valued, independent and successful through:



Governor Term of Office Designation Role Financial/Business Interests
Mr C Banton 13.10.16 - 12.10.20 Local Authority Chair of Governors/Chair of F&GP&P&P Committee/SD Committee/Safeguarding/Inclusion/School sport/Data None
Mrs J Halstead 1.3.15 - 28.2.19 Co-opted Chair of SD Committee/F&GP&P&P Committee/PSHE inc School Food and Anti Bullying None
Mr R Collins 1.3.15 - 28.2.19 Co-opted SD Committee/F&GP&P&P Committee/Mathematics/Computing None
Mrs N Phillips 1.3.15 - 28.2.19 Co-opted Staff/SD Committee None
Mr N Teal 27.9.16 - 26.9.19 Parent SD Committee/F&GP&P&P Committee None
Mrs T Hall 16.10.17 - 15.10.20 Parent SD Committee/F&GP&P&P Committee, SEN None
Mrs J Martin 16.10.17 - 15.10.20 Parent SD Committee/F&GP&P&P Committee, Science None
Mr J Key 16.10.17 - 15.10.20 Parent SD Committee/F&GP&P&P Committee, EYFS None
Mrs K Boaler 12.1.15 - 11.1.19 Staff SD Committee None
Mrs S Astle 07.01.19 Headteacher   None
Mrs R Ward   Parent    
Mrs R Mills   Parent    


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Mrs Stephanie Astle



As the Headteacher of High Oakham Primary School, I work closely with the Governing Body in ensuring that we have a clear strategic direction and vision and that we endeavour to provide the best education for our children which surrounds them with aspiration, respect, kindness, nurture and stimulation. My dream is to work together to enable and empower children to become the best adults that they can be, so that they can contribute  and make a difference to the community, our country and the world!  I support the mighty Reds, enjoy eating all kinds of tasty food and taking time out in the great outdoors. My family are my all and we love to laugh (a lot), learn and live life to the full!

Mrs Taryn Hall

Parent Governor

I became a Governor because I wanted to give a “parent's voice” at Governor meetings, but also to understand better how our school works. I didn’t want to be a parent in the playground voicing my opinions when I didn’t actually know what is involved and what a hard job it is!


I am passionate that all children and parents feel that High Oakham is the best it can be. I want to make sure that we all work together to achieve this and it’s been great to see the community spirit coming together since Mrs Astle started. It’s exactly what I wanted to see and reinforces why I wanted to join the team.

I am mum to Seren and Esme, both pupils at High Oakham. Seren has recently moved up to Brunts. I have had a recruitment business for the last 8 years which keeps me very busy. My free time is mostly spent taxiing my kids to their hobbies and friends. But I also enjoy going to the gym, eating out and walking my dog Lula.


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