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Fanfare achievements


Fanfare and Wow achievements

In Fanfare assembly for Key Stage 1 an Key Stage 2 and in our 'Wonderful Wednesday full of Wows' assembly, there are many celebrations which all link to our school learning and life values and the things in school which are the 'expected' and matter to us. These are what will empower our children to be great adults, contributing to the wider community, making a difference. 


Red Alarm Clock - awarded to the class with the highest attendance since the last fanfare. 


Tidiest Classroom - awarded to the class who displays respect through their tidy classroom - this is chosen by the class ambassadors from the previous week's winners.


Team Points - points are added up from the previous fanfare week. Will it be red, yellow, green or blue?


Fanfare - nominate your child for a parent’s fanfare award if they are doing something amazing outside of school which shows that they are displaying our school values. If you have a nomination for a 'Fanfare or Wow Shoutout', then please complete the following survey


Invitations will be sent out on the Tuesday on the week of the next Fanfare assembly – if there are lots of nominations, these will tie over to the next one – these are to be held once a fortnight.  THROUGH COVID TIMES, ALL ASSEMBLIES WILL TAKE PLACE ONLINE AND WILL NOT BE SHARED WITH PARENTS - all awards will be listed on the following week's school newsletter. 


Musical interlude - celebration of music talents as our High Oakham stars display their skills that they have built up, persevered with and practised. Performing in front of our school community can be daunting so bravery is needed. 


Special guest mentions - celebrations with a member of the wider community who spotted children displaying our values outside of school


Children's Champion award - this is awarded to someone in our school community or the wider world who we feel deserves Mrs Booth's Children's Champion Award. Mrs Booth herself was an amazing champion of children and this award has been commissioned in her honour.