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Visions and Values


Our motto at High Oakham Primary School is:


We therefore believe that education is more than just knowledge.


 In order to achieve this, we have developed whole school ‘life and learning values’. These are supported by motivational characters chosen by the children and staff. The characters each represent one of our school’s values and demonstrate the key skills and qualities needed to display that specific value. (see below for our school 'life and learning values' charts.)



It is a fundamental aim of High Oakham Primary that every member of our school feels valued and respected, that each person is treated fairly and that everyone aspires to reach their full potential. We are a caring school community whose values are built on mutual trust and respect for all and a culture of ‘everyone is a learner’. The staff team is committed to achieving the highest  possible  standards  in promoting the spiritual, moral, cultural, social, emotional, intellectual and physical development of each pupil and to  meeting  every  child’s  individual  needs through upholding and promoting British Values and ensuring Safeguarding is at the forefront of pupil welfare.


All policies and procedures at High Oakham are designed to support the way in which every member of the school community can work together to provide services for staff, parents/carers and visitors and to enable our children to become confident, respectful, positive and resilient adults who contribute to the community and beyond - both of these, irrespective of the ability, gender, ethnicity, faith, sexual orientation, belief, socio-economic background or age of any school user.


We take consideration of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child and use this to steer policy, teaching and learning throughout school life. Our behaviour policy plays a key role in this, because it aims to promote an environment where everyone can feel calm, safe and secure and can thrive.


We aim to be an inclusive school that sets suitable challenges, responds to individual needs and works to overcome potential barriers to learning.  We recognise that this may involve adjustments to the physical environment (for the school community, visitors and pupils) and to the curriculum we offer to our pupils. Our school is also committed to ensuring staff are trained in equality issues with reference to the Equality Act 2010, including understanding disability issues.


We believe that together with parents and carers, we are all partners in the education  of  our children and expect you to become fully involved in your child’s learning by supporting them at home and joining in with school events and activities where possible. Upon joining the school, you will sign a home school agreement which reflects these expectations and outlines clearly the requests for consent for your child’s time here at High Oakham.


Our core values and expectations determine the school culture within which the curriculum is delivered, connections are forged and communications are effective. 

'All of us' - our High Oakham anthem

The amazingly talented Mr Flint has written us a song that encompasses what we are all about at High Oakham Primary School - connections, respect, resilience, brave - a community - all of us!
 Life and learning values at High Oakham Primary School  
Early Years - life and learning values Key Stage 1 - life and learning values
Lower Key Stage 2 - life and learning values Upper Key Stage 2 - life and learning values


Britsh Values - This is how we teach British Values at High Oakham Primary School