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Arrangements for Nursery and FS2 from the 8th July

Building work taking place – car park arrangements, relocation of FS1 and FS2 classes.

Substantial repairs to the drainage and heating systems, and replacement of the windows in the Early Years building are projects that have been outlined to take place for approximately 5 years. Following some intense planning and organising, this work is scheduled to take place this summer. There is a timescale of 12 weeks to ensure completion of these projects before the start of the Autumn term so therefore, the following changes are to be made.  

  • FS1 and FS2 will be relocating into the main school building from the 8th July
  • F1 (Nursery) are to be dropped off and collected from the side school door just inside the Atkin Lane gate.
  • F2 (Reception) children are to be dropped off and collected at the school hall fire doors in the Key Stage one playground.
  • Throughout the day from the 8th July – 24thJuly, the car park will be busier than usual with construction vehicles making their way to the top of the car park. PLEASE BE EXTRA COURTEOUS WHEN USING THE CAR PARK TO DROP OFF OR PARK OFF SITE AND WALK UP THE SCHOOL DRIVE.
  • Tree House holiday club will not be taking place at High Oakham from the 25th July and is relocating to King Edward Primary School, who have very kindly accommodated them through the summer.

As you can imagine, this is quite an upheaval and we will need your support and patience throughout this time. As the playgrounds are going to be busier, please ensure that you are supervising your children at all times in order to keep everyone safe.

Once the work has been completed, I am sure you will all agree, the difference is going to be immense and will be absolutely worth this disruption!