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Friends of Ukraine - our collaboration with The British International School in Warsaw - AN UPDATE

Hi Stephanie,

We hope you are all well, here is an update for you to share with everyone at High Oakham Primary School.  

It’s been a very exciting and busy time at our Saturday Community Support Club for the Friends of Ukraine and Refugees.

We have seen numbers steadily rising and now have up to 80 refugees visiting the school each Saturday.

Here is a lovely letter from one of our guests.

Доброго дня дорогі наші нові друзі! Доброго Вам дня, Кевін. Від усієї нашої родини хочу висловити Вам подяку за той час, яки Ви присв'ятили нам, тим хто знайшов прихисток від війни в Варшаві. Це дуже цінно розуміти, що ти не опинився наодинці зі своєю бідою. Це незабутній час і масса приємних вражень, цікавого спілкування і смаколиків ;) Скільки будемо жити не забудемо. Зі свого боку дуже хочеться Вам віддячити і будемо раді, якщо змжемо бути Вам корисними в будь якій ініциативі! Сподіваємося ще не один раз відвідати Вашу чудову школу! 


Good morning dear new friends! Good morning, Kevin. From all our family I want to express my gratitude to you for the time you assigned to us, those who found refuge from the war in Warsaw. It is very valuable to understand that you are not alone with your misfortune. This is an unforgettable time and a mass of pleasant impressions, interesting communication and goodies ;) How long we will not forget. For my part, I really want to thank you and we will be glad if we help you in any initiation! We hope to visit your wonderful school more than once! 

Sincerely, Natalia Hudyk


Last week we had some of our Primary Year 5 students, helping to organise and run some fun games and activities for all the children.  One of our Year 5s was overheard saying to her mum how she really enjoyed helping and it was a great day, the best.

We also had 4 of our graduates, who left last year, hear about the project. They are currently in Universities in Milan, London, Rotterdam and here in Poland.  Visiting home for the holidays, they asked if they could come in to help and volunteer.  It was great to see them again and affirm that the IB CAS program really is helping to encourage students to develop that caring sense of social responsibility.

This week we are planning an Easter theme – Some of our Secondary Year 10 students are excited and very keen to help, they have donated chocolate easter eggs and are planning an Easter Egg hunt.  We will also put together some Easter Baskets for the Mothers, something similar to what is done in Ukraine at this time of year. Each basket will have a special Easter Cake, Fresh Free Range Eggs (from our own hens) cured sausages, a chocolate Easter Bunny and of course Vouchers (from your kind donations).


Here is another message that we received this morning from one of our other community partners, who have a number of refugees, that we also invite into school.

Dear Kevin,

I was at the College earlier today and the kids were so eager to share with me how much they are enjoying their time at the Saturday Community Support Club. Somehow we were able to communicate with each other.  I ended up staying with them today playing much longer than expected. I am sharing this to show the positive effect you (and the school) are creating in these families lives. Moms and kids are smiling and venturing out of the College with a much more positive attitude. Thank you Kevin for inviting these families to join!

About this coming Saturday, they will not be able to attend. There is a good reason for it. All these families decided to prepare a "Family Easter Breakfast" at the college. They invited the director of the College and his wife and they want to have breakfast as a big family. This is the first time they ALL are doing something together.

Kevin, if the invitation for the following Saturday stands, I will happily organize for these families to attend.

Thank you very much.

Best Regards,



It is only through the wonderful support from other schools, the generosity of our parents, teachers and school community, with fund raising and donations.  Not forgetting the wonderful volunteers who give their time, that we can run this project.  It is humbling to know that we are making a positive difference to help our Ukrainian friends and refugees during these awful times.


Kindest Regards,