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Nursery Consultation - April 2019

Nursery Consultation


The Governing Body of High Oakham Primary School are wishing to consider the following proposal:


From September 2019, High Oakham Primary School are considering changing the times of the Nursery sessions to allow for greater flexibility and clarity around the provision of universal and extended entitlement childcare.


The current times are:  8.45-11.45 am session

                                          11.45-12.30 lunchtime

                                          12.30-3.30 pm session


We are proposing the following times: 8.30-11.30 am session,

                         11.30-12.30 lunchtime

                         12.30-3.30 pm session


This proposal is made with the full support of the staff in the Nursery and the Governing Body. The Nursery has been operating under the school for nearly 2 years and have evaluated the provision and procedures closely. In order to access the ‘free’ childcare as parents are entitled to – eliminating the ’45 minutes’ is needed. The full day will then become a 7 hour day as opposed to a 6 hour 45 min day.

A set hourly rate will be introduced - £4 an hour in line with government funding for universal and extended entitlement. We will then be able to meet the needs of families in a more flexible way.

A full time place will be 35 hours a week – 30 hours extended entitlement can be used with 5 hours additional top up meaning a total cost of £20 per week to be paid or 15 hours universal entitlement can be used and topped us as needed and/or available using the £4 an hour rate. Before Nursery and after Nursery sessions can be accessed at Tree House out of school care on the same school site.

(Please note: the whole process of accessing sessions at Nursery is changing and when this consultation is complete all procedures will be finalised and on High Oakham Primary School’s website - Nursery)


We would like to consider your views on the above proposal which is set out above if you have had children in our Nursery, have children here or will have children in our Nursery in the future.


Please email with Nursery Consultation as the subject heading or write to:

High Oakham Primary School,

Nottingham Road,


NG18 4SH


This consultation will be open for 3 weeks when the matter will then be discussed further with the governing body.