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Good morning everyone,
Today, 11th May, we should be setting up for our Year 6 children to sit their first paper for their SATs however, in lockdown, we are reflecting on some similarities in what our children are going through today in relation to getting through a test period. We think about the resilience needed to stay strong through the lockdown period, the perseverance to keep going with some form of home learning, staying in and of course adhering to social distancing, the meaning of relationships and support of our closet family for our children to remain positive and determined and an awareness of what matter – which is that we are safe and well.
So, the test period we are looking to get through today is a different kind of test, one which we will remember for the rest of our lives, one which may leave an imprint on our attitudes and spirit, one which we have to tread carefully around to forge an emotionally stable exit and onwards plan.
Resilience, perseverance, positivity, friends, support, determination and what matters to us – these are all aspects that are coming up over and over again in our survey we currently have open about preparing to return to school. Please everyone try to complete it, the link is on our whole school story on Class Dojo. 

And it is these aspects that we need to continue to support, nurture and celebrate.
No matter what is decided about a return to school, each child remains a priority to us – whether at home or at school - we WILL support, nurture and celebrate.
I am sure you will join with us in saying Year 6, you would have smashed it, we always knew you could do it and we are so fiercely proud of each and every one of you.

So, today my message is simple. We heard the updated news from our Prime Minister just as you all have. We are awaiting more information from government about what this announcement means for High Oakham. As of today, nothing has changed, we will continue on with home learning and opening our school while we safely can only for essential childcare for children of key workers. Further information will be provided in the coming days and weeks when we know more.